Shades of Beauty

Lets face it, Lil’ Kim looks nothing like she used to. And for years we’ve seemingly dealt with that.

However, this past weekend the Brooklyn rapper posted a series of alarming selfies showing her noticeably lighter skin. Continue reading Shades of Beauty


My Body, My Way: Meet Deshayla


My Body, My Way is a series dedicated to promoting healthy body images among women. If you’d like to join, please feel free to e-mail me at: 

Age: 22

Ethnicity: African-American

Occupation: Full-time Nursing student

Describe your body type: Athletic and curvy

1. What makes a woman beautiful to you?

“Confidence always makes a woman beautiful in my opinion simply because nobody is perfect so you have to learn to love everything about yourself, including your flaws. I also admire beautiful skin, no matter the color.” Continue reading My Body, My Way: Meet Deshayla

Dealing with Rejection

You’ve been there before.

Waiting patiently for an e-mail or phone call from perspective employers— Only to get a generic “We regret to inform you…” response back. Or constantly checking your text messages to see if the guy you’ve been interested in for some time has replied, but he hasn’t and its been a week since your date. Continue reading Dealing with Rejection

Is Makeup a Big Deal?

According to my boyfriend it is.

And a lot of men will tend to agree with him—especially those who frequent dating sites like, Tinder. Continue reading Is Makeup a Big Deal?

What’s Sexy Anyway?

Earlier this week, I kicked things off with a post on Ayesha Curry’s recent comments about her fashion preferences on Twitter. Her tweets quickly started a huge debate on social media on who women should dress for and what’s considered sexy. And so I asked myself, “What’s sexy anyway?” Continue reading What’s Sexy Anyway?

Broke, But not yet Broken

Hello Readers,

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my posts or lack there of have slowed down in recent weeks. However, instead of abandoning ship I’ve decided to keep going!

Throughout my break, I thought of numerous ideas or topics that I could touch on, but none of it seemed to really stick. I suppose I was missing the fluidity that I felt when I first started.

Then today, as I sat alone in my apartment it dawned on me that perhaps I’ve stayed away from blogging/writing because, the success hasn’t been as instantaneous as I’ve wanted it to be. However, when you look at the idea of success it’s such a conundrum– in that we measure our accomplishments based on what society tells us it should be.

And much like my life outside of blogging, I’ve done just that. Continue reading Broke, But not yet Broken

Tips on Building Positive Energy

I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying that, “the easiest thing to do when you feel defeated, is tell yourself that you’re not good enough.” And as cliché as that may sound to some individuals ears, it’s true! Continue reading Tips on Building Positive Energy