“I forgive you because…” 

We’ve all felt the pain of being completely wronged before. Whether it was by a partner, a friend, a family member or even an associate. The sting was all the same. It pierced us with its sharp lies and left us to suffer. Continue reading “I forgive you because…” 


Dealing with Rejection

You’ve been there before.

Waiting patiently for an e-mail or phone call from perspective employers— Only to get a generic “We regret to inform you…” response back. Or constantly checking your text messages to see if the guy you’ve been interested in for some time has replied, but he hasn’t and its been a week since your date. Continue reading Dealing with Rejection

#Chargeup with a Spring Getaway

Miami has been a complete zoo so far this month due to spring breakers, Ultra Music Festival, endless nightlife events and the amazing weather. But despite all the jam-packed events, Tony and I opted for cute camping trip in Georgia  for our spring break. Continue reading #Chargeup with a Spring Getaway

What I’m Reading!

One of my personal goals, as of late, is to read more. Sounds pretty easy right? Yet, for some reason it has been a trying task. Continue reading What I’m Reading!

Being Present

Ever thought about ditching your phone?

Well one teen kinda did. And by kinda–I mean that she downgraded from the highly popular iPhone, to the almost extinct flip phone. Continue reading Being Present

Mental Illness in the Black Community

Mental health in the black community is a topic that is rarely discussed or even brought to life.    But studies have shown, that 20% of Blacks are more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general public.

Continue reading Mental Illness in the Black Community

Fixing Your Attitude

If there’s anything that 2015 taught me, it’s that shit happens in the most unexplainable way. Be it good or bad— life brought me many ups and many downs. Continue reading Fixing Your Attitude