“I forgive you because…” 

We’ve all felt the pain of being completely wronged before. Whether it was by a partner, a friend, a family member or even an associate. The sting was all the same. It pierced us with its sharp lies and left us to suffer. Continue reading “I forgive you because…” 


My Body, My Way: Meet Deshayla


My Body, My Way is a series dedicated to promoting healthy body images among women. If you’d like to join, please feel free to e-mail me at: chardelaroche@gmail.com. 

Age: 22

Ethnicity: African-American

Occupation: Full-time Nursing student

Describe your body type: Athletic and curvy

1. What makes a woman beautiful to you?

“Confidence always makes a woman beautiful in my opinion simply because nobody is perfect so you have to learn to love everything about yourself, including your flaws. I also admire beautiful skin, no matter the color.” Continue reading My Body, My Way: Meet Deshayla

Being Present

Ever thought about ditching your phone?

Well one teen kinda did. And by kinda–I mean that she downgraded from the highly popular iPhone, to the almost extinct flip phone. Continue reading Being Present

What’s Sexy Anyway?

Earlier this week, I kicked things off with a post on Ayesha Curry’s recent comments about her fashion preferences on Twitter. Her tweets quickly started a huge debate on social media on who women should dress for and what’s considered sexy. And so I asked myself, “What’s sexy anyway?” Continue reading What’s Sexy Anyway?

Ayesha Curry Sparks Debate Over Fashion Choices

Ayesha Curry, chef and wife of NBA Golden State Warrior player Stephen Curry, is facing backlash for comments she made on Twitter about her personal fashion preferences.

Ayesha Curry photo via TheUrbanDaily.com

Continue reading Ayesha Curry Sparks Debate Over Fashion Choices

Things You Should Know Before Moving In Together

Moving in with a man is a pretty big step. Especially for the generation we’re living in. Continue reading Things You Should Know Before Moving In Together


This past August, my boyfriend and I decided to move to Miami. Now I have to admit, the thought of being in a big city scared the crap out of me. Not only am I dealing with a new turf, but I’m also trying to fight through language barriers (Like 80% of the population speaks Spanish), hours of traffic (South Florida’s highways are no joke!) and unemployment.

Please que the dramatic music. Continue reading Update