My Body, My Way: Meet Shazarah

My Body, My Way is a series dedicated to promoting healthy body images among women. If you’d like to join, please feel free to e-mail me at:

Age: 20

Ethnicity: West Indian

Occupation: Student

Describe your body type: Petite

What makes a woman beautiful to you?

I think all women are beautiful in their own way, even if they don’t know it. But I believe that once a woman truly accepts her body as it is and carries about herself confidently, she immediately becomes even more beautiful. I once had a friend tell me that once you firmly believe that you are beautiful, everyone will think so too. I believe confidence has the ability to completely outshine any flaws, whether it be stretch marks or acne. Continue reading My Body, My Way: Meet Shazarah


Life Lessons

It’s story time y’all. Continue reading Life Lessons

Mental Illness in the Black Community

Mental health in the black community is a topic that is rarely discussed or even brought to life.    But studies have shown, that 20% of Blacks are more likely to experience serious mental health problems than the general public.

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Things You Should Know Before Moving In Together

Moving in with a man is a pretty big step. Especially for the generation we’re living in. Continue reading Things You Should Know Before Moving In Together


This past August, my boyfriend and I decided to move to Miami. Now I have to admit, the thought of being in a big city scared the crap out of me. Not only am I dealing with a new turf, but I’m also trying to fight through language barriers (Like 80% of the population speaks Spanish), hours of traffic (South Florida’s highways are no joke!) and unemployment.

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