“I forgive you because…” 

We’ve all felt the pain of being completely wronged before. Whether it was by a partner, a friend, a family member or even an associate. The sting was all the same. It pierced us with its sharp lies and left us to suffer.

For many it was easy to let go and move on. While for the rest of us, it’s been a trying time. After all, we were stabbed in the back or maybe right through our hearts by someone we thought cared for our emotions.

We cried, yelled and maybe even got a little destructive. This fueled our anger and perpetuated unintentional problems with trust, and in many cases depression.

And by this point, the word “forgiveness” is a distant fairy tale.

However, in recent weeks I’ve realized that forgiveness is the only road to take, when it comes to healing a part of you that is wounded.

Yes, that’s correct.

It takes so much more energy to hold a grudge against someone, than it does to just let that tension go.

We as humans, allow things to “eat us up inside” and takeover over our bodies like common viruses, before we address situations. This doesn’t ease the problem, it just forelongs and suppresses itself only to come back up in the future.

Is that what you want? To constantly deal with a situation that could’ve been resolved months, if not years ago.

No, it’s annoying.

And just to be clear, forgiveness isn’t forgetting or condoning what someone did. It’s about empowering yourself to recognize and address pain, without letting that pain define you.

It’s also important to understand that you can’t hold your pain against someone. In other words, don’t hold a grudge. I say that, because once the words “I forgive you” have left your mouth, that’s it. Don’t keep bringing it up.  And don’t hang that negativity over someones head and expect a different result.

Articulate your emotions entirely when forgiving, in order for that person to get a sense of how they hurt you. You will look like a complete fool if you expect that person to know how what they did was wrong. Address it, Address it, ADDRESS IT!

You will leave the situation feeling completely at peace with yourself, trust me.

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Charde' LaRoche


3 thoughts on ““I forgive you because…” ”

  1. I love this post. Forgiving someone is probably one of life’s most challenging actions. It took me a long time to realize once you have forgiven someone, that’s it. No bringing it back up, no nothing. It’s almost like burying something and then going to dig it out again. Then I realized that I was burying something and digging it up out the grave. It didn’t make any sense. I came a long way. Thank you for sharing.

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