My Body, My Way: Meet Amanda

My Body, My Way is a series dedicated to promoting healthy body images among women. If you’d like to join, please feel free to e-mail me at:

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Jamaican

Body Type: Slim

Occupation: Student

1. What makes a woman beautiful to you?

“What makes a woman beautiful to me is her confidence. No matter what flaws she may have she outshines it with her stunning personality and ignores all the negative energy.”

2. How do you celebrate your body?

“I celebrate my body by using only natural products. I shower with African black soap and then moisturize with raw coconut oil. I love my body therefore I treat it with the best products and ingredients as possible.”

3. Have you ever dealt with body image issues?How did you handle it? Or How are you handling it?-1.jpg

“Growing up I’ve dealt with numerous body issues such as being too skinny, wearing glasses, having gap teeth, big feet(women’s 10 US), a lot of stretch marks and having short hair. I had very low self-esteem and I was afraid to wear brown clothing or any cultural pieces, I bleached my skin numerous times because I was ashamed to be dark-skinned. I don’t know why I felt this way, but I disliked everything about myself. As I went on into high school I slowly started to let go a few of these barriers –as I didn’t care about what others had to say about my appearance. Now that I’m older, I started to love myself and embrace my flaws that I may have. I’m still working on a few things I’ve struggled with. I’ve also became very appreciative of the melanin in my skin, and I must say that I love to be black.”

4. What’s the first thing you tell yourself when you look in the mirror? How does that make you feel?
“‘I’m thee shit’ meaning that I look bomb. It makes me feel great on the inside, because I know I’m confident no matter if I walk into a room wearing a full face of makeup or walking in with a bare face. Regardless, I know I’m still thee shit and nobody can tell me otherwise, because every woman has a catch phrase that boosts their energy and confidence.”
*The words expressed belong solely to this individual 

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